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What are the possible solutions for deforestation?

What are the possible solutions for deforestation?

This is one of the heavily debated topics not only in Sri Lanka but in most developing countries too. So we will see why this happens and how we can solve this issue or at least minimize the issue of deforestation in developing countries like Sri Lanka.

Reasons for deforestation

Clearing forests for housing schemes or to build the shelter for people due to overpopulation

Usage of forest trees to use for building wood-related structures or for the various product manufacturing ( eg roofs of houses, furniture manufacturing or paper production )

Commercial Farming in rural areas close to the forests

Mining activities

Construction of roads

Construction of industrial zones

Some ways to minimize deforestation

Grow trees for commercial use in bare lands

Grow trees in areas that cannot be used by humans or animals for any activity

Have better regulations to prevent illegal clearing of forests

Provide alternative lands for housing schemes and farming ( Should provide better employment and business opportunities for them in a new area. So everyone will prefer to move to new areas )

Build roads in a way to minimize the damage to forests ( eg Create roads similar to that of creating bridges over rivers. That is on top of concrete pillars ) and grow trees on an additional zone to replace the damaged areas.

Do you have any better suggestion? feel free to comment or send us a complete article.  We are happy to share them with our community.



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