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What are the best ways to advertise, market and promote your small business in Sri Lanka

What are the best ways to advertise, market and promote your small business in Sri Lanka

Most will be successful in starting a business, but the majority of them will fail or find it extremely tough when it comes to getting leads and then potential sales out of those leads. So we will provide you with some of the best free and premium ways to advertise, promote or market your small business, startup, website or enterprise online or offline in Sri Lanka.

Here are the top 10 + bonus ways to advertise, market, and promote your business in Sri Lanka.

1 How to utilise social media to promote or advertise my business?

We know many popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube exist, and those platforms are one of the top ways of promoting a business.
So we will see how each social media website can help to promote or advertise your business or website.

Tips in using social media to promote your small business

a) Tip in promoting and marketing your business on Facebook

First, make a fan page for your business or website. It is free to create a Facebook page online. Then post your products or services as posts. You can post them as images or videos. Then promote your business or company page and posts on Facebook using ad system on Facebook.

Minimum cost to promote on Facebook is dollar one per day. So using Facebook to promote a business is very affordable nowadays, this is why most companies use social media for advertising online. This way promote the brand on Instagram as well.

b) Tip in Promoting a business on Instagram

Using Instagram to promote your business is one of the easiest methods as long as you have a Facebook account. You can create a business page for your business. Then once this is ready, you can start posting product or service details in your websites. Post promotions regularly as well. When running your Facebook campaigns, tick Instagram as well. That’s it!

c) Using Twitter to promote your business

You can use Twitter also same like Facebook to promote your business by posting information about your business, brand, products and services. Then promote using the advertising system on Twitter.

d) Using LinkedIn to promote and market your business

Marketing your company on LinkedIn is an excellent way to build a reputation among professionals. First, create your profile and have connections with other linked profiles that you know. Then after a few days set up a LinkedIn company page. Then promote your LinkedIn company page among your friends and also you can use the advertising platform in Linkedin.

e) Tips to promote the company on country-specific social media

You can promote your startup business using some country-specific social media too. An example is which is mainly for Russian users. ( This is useful only if you offer or service for that particular country otherwise your efforts will be in vain )

f) What is the best modern social media to promote business?

It varies based on your industry and geographical location as well. If your intension is to promote your business based in Sri Lanka, the best way would be to use Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

g) What are the free Facebook advertising ideas online for small businesses in Sri Lanka?

Using Facebook to promote your business is an affordable method but follow the guidelines carefully verify you are on the right track. You can post in Facebook groups ( do this gradually, do not overdo it ) and share with your friends or invite your friends to your fan page or group.

h) What are the best Facebook groups to promote your business or market your company?

Find groups relevant to your niche ( industry ) and see if it tallies with your target audience. Then check how active that group is, then post your advertisements. Groups are one of the free advertising methods online for small businesses and effective ways to advertise your business as long as you apply it correctly.

( Some groups do not allow advertisements, so avoid posting in those groups. Some will alow with a fee. So talk to the admins and follow the process )

i) Best ways to advertise and promote your Facebook business page or website

You can promote your business page on Facebook groups, social media ads. Posting advertisements in like free classified websites and also by inviting your friends. Also, you can use the same approach to promote and advertise your brand as well.

Many years ago, promoting business through social media was not a significant way of marketing, but today everything has changed a lot. So above are the best ways to promote and advertise your business or services on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or any social media.

2 How to promote and market your brand, company or business using classified websites in Sri Lanka?

You can promote your local business using free and paid classified advertising websites in Sri Lanka. You can register in most of the classified websites free and then post advertisements. Some may charge you even to post a single promotion but promote your business locally with us free. Weladama one of the free websites to advertise your business and promote easily.

We promote your business without any cost for you using our platform, and we allow unlimited ( unique ) ads. So give it a try today. Advertise your business with us!

3 How to promote using Google advertising network?

Google advertising is one of the better ways to advertise your business online, as well. You have to bid to get views for your advertisement in this method. Unlike Facebook advertising, you have to optimise your promotions to get the best exposure. Otherwise, it will be a very costly method and may not generate leads.

How to use free advertising on google business?

Google business is not about google search engine or partner network advertising. So please do not get confused with it. You can mark your business on google places and obtain free exposure(as long as you have a physical location)—a simple way to advertise your business without much effort.

4 How to promote using email marketing in Sri Lanka?

Email marketing is useful to build awareness and get potential leads for your business products or services. You can use email marketing companies for this task, or you can collect emails using an email subscription form and then send newsletters randomly. ( Do not use your web hosting server-based emails to send bulk emails, your hosting provider may terminate your account. Instead, use a third-party mail server platform like Mailchimp, Getresponse, ActiveCampaign, or Sendinblue )

Is email marketing effective?

Not that much like methods we discussed above but still an effective way as long the email arrive in the inbox of the user! Don’t overdo it; just a random email thrice a month will be acceptable.

5 Advertise directly in local media Websites

Most of the local newspapers, tv channels and radio channels are now online and have their website or youtube channel. So you can negotiate with them directly and get an advertisement slot on their website or promote using youtube channel. Also, most of the gossip websites offer advertising slots on their websites; you can use them as well.

6 Sponsor advertisements via popular local YouTubers

Sponsor ads via YouTubers are something trending nowadays. Popular Personel YouTube Channels are the ideal source for marketing and promoting the enterprise or business online(as most of these channels have an active audience). Also, look for rising YouTubers as well because those will be not costly like established YouTubers and ideal opportunity for cost-effective publicity.

7 Promote using tv commercials

You can place advertisements on tv media during the best times like news or popular programmes. Most of the morning programmes are affordable than peak hour programmes like news telecast and popular teledrama. So use them according to the product or services that you are offering. For example, if you are selling skincare products, morning programmes will be useful to you as most of the housewives will be watching these morning programmes.

8 Promote using radio commercials

Same like tv commercials, you can promote and advertise your products using radio channels. Find the best radio channels with the highest audience and then choose the best programmes that they have. Then place your advertisements.

9 Promote using local newspapers

You can use popular local newspapers in Sinhala, Tamil or English to promote your company or brand name. Weekend popular newspapers are more expensive than weekdays newspapers when it comes to advertising. Also, black and white paper advertisements are cheaper than coloured paper advertisements.

10 Organise events or sponsor events

You can organise events or sponsor various events locally to build up your brand, and you can even sell your products or services in these events. Events are one of the fun ways to promote your business too. You can also come up with an innovative concept like offering discounts at these events to boost sales.

Also, you can use various other ways to promote a business that you feel will benefit your business! By the way, if you know any state-of-the-art methods or unique ways to promote your business, feel free to share the information with us too.

Here are some bonus ideas for your business;

11 Advertising on a car or bus for promoting your business

Advertising on vehicles is also another creative way to get exposure to your business. Don’t use any permanent methods; use stickers or temporary media whenever possible. (Why use stickers? You can easily remove them). You can promote your friends business in this way ( as long as you are ok with that!)

12 Gifts

You can give custom printed corporate novelty gifts or low-cost gifts ( pens, key tags, etc.. ) to build brand awareness.

13 Use Promo company near me

You can use a promotional company that will come up with unique ways to promote a company. They will charge you a fee for advertising and marketing the business, but it will save a lot of time for you.

14 Giveaway Offers

You can make giveaway offers such as ‘buy two get one extra.’ Offers are ideal for marketing your catering business. Also, to promote your restaurant on social media ( Example, buy a super pizza and get a medium-size fried chicken pizza free ) or any similar business where you can give offers.

Which is the best social media to advertise your business offers?

You can use any social media, but Facebook is effective than other social media within Sri Lanka.

15 Discount Offers

You can reduce prices and give products or services rather than offering freebies. Price reduction is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business locally as people love concessions.

More Questions related to digital marketing methods to promote your business

See if you also have the following questions related to digital marketing methods;

What are the top ways to market your business? Use both online and offline methods in the article.

What are the ways to promote your brand? Offers and price reduction are simple ways to build brand awareness.

What are the freeways to advertise my business? Facebook Groups and classified sites.

What are the ways of marketing your retail store? Offers and Giveaways.

What are the promoting ways for the photography business? Facebook, and Youtube.

How to promote my brand online? Social Media and free portals.

What are the ways to promote the photography business? Build a portfolio and get reviews as well.

How to promote graphic design or web design business? Again build a portfolio and then advertise.

How to market my business for free? You can use classified websites like ours and social media.

How to promote using digital marketing techniques? Use creative artwork.

Please help advertise my business? You can hire a promotional company. 

The simple answer for the above questions are classified websites, social media, email marketing and search engine ads.

How to prepare my advertising or marketing materials?

You can use a professional graphic designer, video maker, web designer or any other IT services in Sri Lanka to get your artworks done. Search our free classified advertising website, and you will be able to find the right service provider for your business or company.

By the way, is a free website to advertise your business. Promote your business here to get maximum free exposure to your business.


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