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Tips to be Safe When Buying Goods or Services Online

Tips to be Safe When Buying Goods or Services Online

Online shopping has always been the fun and enjoyable experience for those who want to purchase anything from anywhere, anytime.

There will be no hassle in queuing, spending extra for gasoline, and the bothers of all preps before going to a mall. Shopping online can also save time and effort to find the best stuff. It eliminates the miles you need to hit to go from one store to another. Instead, you could browse multiple online stores within minutes. You will skip all the hassles with the help of online shopping.

With such easiness, we should not overlook the precautions to make your shopping experience better. Here are the tips to be safe when buying goods or services online.

Only shop from the safest places

It has a thing to do with the networks you are using. In your home or office, the systems are protected by passwords. These are hard targets for potential hackers. Meanwhile, when you access the free wifi in the public park, airport, restaurant, or other public places, the open networks are easy targets for them to steal your identity and additional sensitive information. So, only shop from the safest place.

Update your security and antivirus software

Make sure that you update your current antivirus so that it can protect your PC or laptop every time. Run the scan routinely to spot any malware, spyware, or viruses.

Be vigilant when browsing the stores

Not all stores are trusted. If you are looking for new stores, make sure that they have https. You should see the reviews about them before joining these sites. It is a great idea to stick to the trusted and renowned stores rather than online stores that have no discussion yet.

Be aware of click baits

In many ways, the fraudsters or scammers provide the click baits to lure their victims. Don’t get tempted with the great coupons, promotions, or big sales that you think that are not possible when applied in physical stores. Always click carefully.

There are also many scammers who send you emails. They are no other than imposters. You will want to click the real links from the legitimate sites. If you notice the senders mailing address is not the same as the actual company, you should flag them. Fake websites are everywhere. Use your senses to detect them earlier.

When you seek in big marketplaces

In most of the time, it gives you peace of mind to shop in big sites like eBay, Aliexpress, Wow or Takas etc. But as with other marketplaces, these consist of various merchants. If you haven’t bought from the specific merchant before, you could take time to look at their reviews. Skip ones that have bad reviews.

Delete your history after done

Whether you are online from home, office, or public place, it is always wise to clear your browsing history, cookies, and caches every time you’ve finished. Logout securely when leaving the website.

The online payments

It is always safer and better to stick to online stores that provide trusted payment methods like debit card, Paypal, Skrill or Neteller ( Bank gateways like Sampath, Commercial, Seylan, HSBC, NTB are also good, if you are based in Sri Lanka ). These payments will protect your interest to keep you safe. Just skip online stores that encourage you to do upfront payment or cash unless you already know the sellers or familiar with the online store. Non-escrow payments are much risky because the sellers can get away with your money without sending the items to you. With escrow payment like Paypal, you can ask your money back if the seller is cheating.

There you have them: the tips to be safe when buying goods or services online. If you think that our article is helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends !

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