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Tips for Buying A Used Car in Sri Lanka – Used cars for sale in sri lanka

Tips for Buying A Used Car in Sri Lanka – Used cars for sale in sri lanka

Perhaps you’ve decided to buy used cars in Sri Lanka after waiting for a long time from either a car sale in Sri Lanka or from an individual. Used cars are often an excellent choice because they are more affordable than the new vehicles. But as like when you purchase other stuff, it is important to consider few things before you own it.

The reasons for purchasing used vehicles can differ from one individual to another. Some pure love the price, some live performance, and you probably have another idea. No matter what’s your goal, you must make a right decision about which car you purchase since you are going to use it for years in the future. Here are the tips for buying a car in Sri Lanka that you could consider.

What do you need?

You need to be specific about what you need with your car. There are a lot of types when it comes to the body styles like SUVs, sedans, coupes, convertibles, hatchback, crossovers, wagons, etc. If you are looking for style and standing out of the crowd, consider choosing coups, sedans, and convertibles. If you are looking for something functional for your family as well, you could focus on four doors type.

Most of the times, you will spend the day with your family with kids and go shopping, then the hatchbacks and wagons are the ones for you. Most hatchbacks are also fuel-economy so that it is perfect for commuting
as well. Since the traffic in Sri Lanka is high, you may want to consider choosing cars that can be flexible. Thanks to the size of the hatchbacks, you no longer worry to find the parking slots in towns.

When it comes to the brands, the most popular ones are coming from Japan like Mazda, Mitsubishi, or Toyota. You could find spare parts easily in almost every big city in Sri Lanka. Not to mention that the elements of Japan brands are often more affordable than European cars’ parts.

Set your budget

Now it is essential. You need to decide how much you can afford so that you won’t bust your money. When it comes to budgeting, make sure that you also calculate what you need to spend in the future when maintaining your car. Make sure that you have sufficient amount of money to repair or modify your car later. You may find a lot of cheap cars out there. But before choosing one, consider how much you need to pay for its maintenance and parts.

Spare parts

When it comes to cars in Sri Lanka, you will get the advantages if you purchase the vehicles which spare parts are easily found in your area. It is wise to check the availability of the spare parts of the car. After all, there is no point in purchasing a fancy car, but you can’t use it for years because you can’t find the parts in your area.

Research, Compare and Inspect

Take your time to sit back, relax, and research the models and brands. Take some time to read the reviews from honest customers or third party websites. Make sure you focus on the strengths and weakness of the cars. Take enough time to consider the best options that you have. You won’t want to go only for appearance, but also the versatility of the vehicle. Once you have the list of the candidates, you could visit the showrooms and inspect the car. If you’re up to, you could also test drive it before purchasing it.

Where can I buy used cars ?

Used cars for sale in Sri Lanka is very popular due to high demand and higher price of  brand new or unregistered Vehicle for sale in Sri Lanka. You can look for used cars in top classified sites in Sri Lanka and also in weekend news papers.


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