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Tips for Buying a Smartphone in Sri Lanka

Tips for Buying a Smartphone in Sri Lanka

Smartphones have been helping people in many ways. These mobile devices have become the pivotal existence for modern society. With such handheld, you can take pictures, saving documents, be chatting with someone, open your social media account, browse the internet, and even find the favorite restaurant in town.

With a lot of options offered by the market today, it has been a challenge to find the right choice for you. It can be a daunting task to find the most appropriate smartphone for you. Here are the tips for buying a smartphone in Sri Lanka.

The overall quality and design

The overall quality and design of the smartphone should be the first and foremost thing you consider. You will want to use the smartphone on a daily basis for a long time. With this fact alone, you can neglect these factors. The definition of an evil and good smartphone can be different from one individual to another.

For instance, when it comes to brand, people can have a different opinion. Samsung is the most grossing brand in Sri Lanka markets. It is followed by the other favorite brands like Apple, HTC, Xiaomi, LG, Oppo, Asus, Nokia, Huawei etc. However, the demand for mobile devices is segmented. For those who can spend extra money, Apple brand can be the better option or flagship phone of other brands mentioned above. It does not eliminate the possibility of purchasing a more affordable smartphone that has the similar specifications to iPhone or other flagship smartphones.

Smartphone Price in Sri Lanka

Price can be relative. You have the freedom to choose the cheapest model in the market. But make sure the product does not compromise the quality.

You need to ask yourself about what you are going to do with your smartphone. So, you will want to only focus on the smartphone which specifications match your requirements. There is no need to spend extra rupees to buy a smartphone with unnecessary features that you would not want to use.

You could save thousands of rupees if you choose the cheaper model from the top brand.

Android or iOS, Windows or other OS ?

The OS will be the key to your daily premises. If you are up to Android system, then you should stick to one. It is better to use the device that you have been familiar with the interfaces.

Android is indeed the most popular OS in Sri Lanka. With this OS, you will have more options when it comes to the models. iOS is prevalent in its latest iPhone series. Meanwhile, Windows is also the excellent alternative.

The conventional phone does not mean dull

In most recent times, you will notice some smartphones that do not have as many features as other phones. But purchasing the new phone does not merely dictate you to buy ones with the most advanced technology. Conventional telephones with older OS are still viable for nowadays uses.

The features

We can say a lot of things about the features of the smart mobile phones in Sri Lanka. If you are using Instagram a lot, or you like to take many pictures, you could choose one with ample camera features. Internal storage also comes as an essential feature to consider. With the current demand now, a single image can take up to 4 MB storage. Not to mention the videos, documents, and other files that require a large room. Most of the renowned smartphone go with 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64GB internal storage. But you can also expand the room with a microSD card. The other features that you might want to consider are networks, battery life, GPU, CPU, etc.

Where can I buy a brand new or used smartphone in Sri Lanka ?

You can buy a brand-new smartphone from any authorized vendor for Samsung, Apple, HTC, Xiaomi, LG, Oppo, Asus, Nokia, Sony or Huawei. Generally the  Smart Mobile phone price in Sri Lanka is affordable. You can find great smartphone deals in free classified advertising websites in sri lanka as well as weekend news papers,

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