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Tips for Buying A Laptop in Sri Lanka

Tips for Buying A Laptop in Sri Lanka

You know that it can be a daunting task to do to choose the right laptop. On the one hand, you would want to have a lightweight laptop that can support your daily activity, but it may compromise the performance. It is pretty much same with purchasing the other stuff. Choosing the best one for you is difficult. So, the question is “What to look for?”

Here are the tips for buying a laptop in Sri Lanka so that you will get on the right track.

The laptop Screen Size

Why is it coming as the first? You will use your laptop for a long time. Many users are regretting their decision when purchasing too small or too big screen sized laptops. Laptops come with many different screen sizes. The LCD screen is a must-have for every modern notebook. You could purchase the laptop with as small as 10” to as large as 16” or more. If you are traveling a lot, bigger sized laptops might be not the best option because you want to boast portability. If you are up to TV series, movies, or watching anything on your laptop, consider the bigger size. Well, you know the idea.

The warranty of the laptop device

Warranty is the only thing that can protect your interest. Well, every salesperson will say that the product they sell is excellent. But you can’t be sure until you have the problems when using it. The warranty can protect you from any error or malfunction of your laptop. How many months will the warranty defend you? How much should you pay for extending the warranty? Not all the stores disclose this information unless you ask for it. So, don’t hesitate to ask sort of questions to the store.

Battery life of laptop

For all users, it is an essential factor. The idea of using the laptop is so that you can be flexible and mobile all time. Battery life means productivity for all the laptop users. Consider reading the reviews about the laptops. Many reviewers tested the battery life and shared the results in their review blog or website. You could use that free resource.

Convenient uses

You should only choose the laptop that you are convenient to use it. Some manufacturers offer such insanely cheap laptops. But the proverb is always right: “You get what you’ve paid for.” high quality, slimmer, and more convenient laptops are often more expensive. So, you will want to check on the size, design, ergonomic factors, as well as the performance.

Dimension and weight

We mentioned the screen size. Now, we’re talking about the dimension and the weight of the laptop. Sometimes, the lighter laptops do not come with more tough battery life. But heavier laptops might not be the option for lightweight travelers. What you can expect from modern laptops is that the larger the displays and battery, these will make the laptop heavier.

The laptop brands

There are many brands of the laptop in the Sri Lanka markets. Usually, people will go with famous brands like Toshiba, Dell, Asus, Acer, HP, Apple, Sony etc. these brands offer such competitive priced laptops. You can even find the budget laptop with moderate specifications. But you could also see the high-end laptops from these brands with the more high price. Apple brand might be exclusive and fantastic, but it is often not an excellent choice for budget conscious.

Laptop price in Sri Lanka

Laptop price in Sri Lanka depends on the brand and specifications. So the brand new laptop price can range from Rs 50,000 ~ Rs 250,000. Gaming laptop can be even more higher in price in Sri Lanka ( Asus Rogue Series is ideal for gaming purpose ).


Always choose the best laptop that is within your budget range. You would not want to purchase a laptop which only lasts for 5 years. If you are still lower in the budget, you could opt to use the credit card or finance your laptop with the help of leasing company / bank. Buying the laptop with a loan should be smooth and straightforward.

Where can I buy a brand new or used laptop ?

Toshiba, Dell, Asus, Acer, HP, Apple or Sony laptops can be bought from official agent or authorized sellers in Sri Lanka. You can find good cheap used laptops or laptop sales deals on free classified advertising websites in Sri Lanka as well.

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