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Tips for Buying a Brand New Car – Vehicles for sale in Sri Lanka

Tips for Buying a Brand New Car – Vehicles for sale in Sri Lanka

If you want to know how to buy a car in Sri Lanka from car sale in Sri Lanka or from anyone, you have come to the right place.

When it comes to brand new cars in sri lanka, you can see many vehicles that have fair tag prices. Pricing is generally high for Japanese cars than European cars ( It’s due to various factors like availability of cheap spare parts for Japs and most of the mechanics find it difficult to understand even simple repair issues with most of the Euro vehicle due to lack of knowledge and lack of experience in most cases ). But both options are good but build quality of Europeans vehicles are generally much better than that of Japanese Vehicles. Also you can find Brand New Indian, Chinese and Korean cars in Sri Lanka at fairly low price compared to above two categories.

Consider reading our tips about buying a car in sri lanka, and you can get your car as soon as possible.

Here’s how to buy a car in Sri Lanka

If it is the first time for you to purchase cars in sri lanka, you will need to read at these tips.

Go with a friend or relative who knows automotive

It is cool to look for cars from the dealers by yourself. Whether you know about the vehicle or not, it is always better to tag along someone to accompany you. Even though you have no idea about the car, having someone who has the experience in the niche will give you benefits. When it comes to the trust, you might have some issue with few salesmen. Well, their purpose is the sale. So, you need a different point of view from people you can trust.

Don’t hesitate when facing the seller

When it comes to brand new cars in Sri Lanka, you might find that some sellers can be ignorant and inconvenient to talk with. Well, don’t worry about it. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need. Don’t wait to test drive the car. If they don’t give what you want, or disappoint you, don’t buy from them.

Car reservation

If you are interested in the vehicle, you can reserve the car. But only do it if you are sure to purchase the car in the future because you can’t get your money back. The seller will keep the reservation money. Well, it is sensible though. The thing is when a buyer does not happen to make a purchase; the seller will miss the opportunity to profit.
Purchase from the formal channels

When you come across the car sellers in Sri Lanka, only focus on the vehicles that have the pink sheet that’s offered by the Department of Motor Traffic in Sri Lanka. Also, purchase from the renowned car dealers. You will rest assured about the legal papers, transaction, and the other aspects.

Mistakes you need to avoid

The first mistake you need to avoid is to purchase the car too soon. You might get tempted when looking at cool offers from newspaper, TV, or any other ads. Buying brand new cars in Sri Lanka is easy, but you may end up in disappointment if you only choose the car that you’ve first seen. Instead, you could explore as many as potential options before making your choice. After all, you will be spending years with your future car.

The second mistake is that you pay too little down payment. Well, it might look good at first, but you will end up paying more for a monthly car loan. It is wise to save some first and settle a more significant down payment so that you will pay the lower interest rate for the car loan.

Where can I buy a brand new vehicle ?

You can view vehicles for sale in free classified advertising websites in sri lanka to get an idea about pricing and features. Then you can either buy from authorized agent, sellers or reputable car sales in Sri Lanka.

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