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Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid – Job vacancies tips in sri lanka

Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid – Job vacancies tips in sri lanka

Perhaps you often heard the stories about folks who eventually got a job in Sri Lanka after dozens of interviews. These stories happened because of the reasons. Many people made several common mistakes that can compromise the result of their job interview.

What makes you surprised is that most of these mistakes are significant to the job applicants. You can control to avoid these mistakes.

Many people overlook these mistakes and go with their own standards. If you are in the middle between applying for a government, private or foreign Job vacancies in Sri Lanka or have done the failed interviews sometimes, you could consider avoiding these mistakes.


You could use your phone if you are not in the interview room. The interviewer can see what you are interested in when you are preoccupied with it. That means you uphold your business than their business.


Don’t ever make this mistake. After all, if you are late for the interviews, how are you going to do with your work? If you want to get accepted, you will need to be in time or on time at least.

Lack of preparation

You can be unprepared or lack preparation. Either way, this will jeopardize your interview.

Although you haven’t worked there, you could learn few general information about the company. The more knowledge you have about the company, the more materials that you can discuss with the interviewer. Review the news well. You don’t have to go with the details. Just remember the important points that you’d like to discuss. It is better this way because the questions will encourage you to answer most sensibly.

Lack of motivation

Interviewers can’t respect the applicants who do not show their interest towards their company. Well, it is sensible. If you are not interested in doing the interview, then you are not interested in working with them too.

False dress code

Attire can be a raw value in the interview. Don’t use your favorite T-shirt and baggy pants to come to the interview room. Keep it tidy and clean. How you dress and behave will be the first impression.

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Being confident is good. It is also good to sell yourself. But do it in the correct proportion. You will want to answer the questions in the box. Keep it straightforward and simple. Keep it professional as well. You don’t need to tell the whole story of your life. The interviewer does not need it. If possible, make it dense and short. You know, you only have few minutes to sell yourself.

Not knowing about yourself

Your interviewer will read your resume. Consider making it understandable. Review your resume before you send it. Incorrect work history can be a significant failure factor. Make it as accurate as possible. Not knowing about yourself when questioned is like you are lying to them.

I know that these mistakes are bittersweet. But when you avoid these, you can realize how you’ve improved your chance to get your dream job in Sri Lanka.

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