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How You Can Make Money Online By Testing Apps – App Coiner Review

How You Can Make Money Online By Testing Apps – App Coiner Review

The world is moving at a faster pace and also there is a gradual increase in the standard of living of people. We constantly look for brands and expensive items considering them to be trustworthy. But to maintain the standard of living, everyone needs money. So how to work more to get more money? Do you think you can earn billions or millions by working 9 to 5 in Sri Lanka? Do you think you always need a qualification to get to the highest financial position? One can make money by doing the work what they are good at by searching for online jobs in SriLanka.

There are a lot of people who can pay you to get their simplest job to get done. And such jobs do not even require any high qualified degrees. You might have experienced that your social media home feed is absolutely filled with ads that guarantee online jobs in Sri Lanka, work from home with sugar-coated words and other easy means to earn money. But along with these easy means come a warning sign. The work should be a legitimate one and should not lead you into any scam.

app coiner sri lanka

Well, we have answers to all your queries – AppCoiner! This is indeed a safe, secure and reliable way of making money by working on the subjects in which you are expert. This app helps you to earn money on a regular basis in the most surprising way by providing you an online platform. This is one of the best platforms where you can find part-time and full-time online jobs in Sri Lanka. Here, you can find in-depth information about the working of the app, its advantages and disadvantages, and the working concept.

Overview Of AppCoiner:

AppCoiner is an online platform, a website where developers and reviewers can gather from any corner of the world and work in. The equipment that you would require for starting it is – a smartphone or a tablet or a desktop. You should make sure that the devices use Android 4.2 version or above. With AppCoiner you will get to know the most interesting way to make money by sitting in the corner of your home. It easily attracts a lot of freelancers who are searching for job vacancies in Sri Lanka, students (looking for part-time jobs in Sri Lanka), moms (who have free time with them). This platform is also a good job platform for part-time online workers who can easily relax and complete the work.

No High Qualifications Required:

You can make money by just having a good command on the English language without the need of any knowledge of superficial coding skills. You must also have a good hand at testing various application on different devices. If you are in Sri Lanka and searching online for a tester’s job, then this is the right place. This is the main point that makes the app beneficial to anyone and everyone.

The most amazing feature of AppCoiner is that it has a large database of various applications. These applications can be easily downloaded, tested on different devices and then you can log in to it to write the review depending on your experience. Once you have submitted the review, it will be moderated and approved which might take some time. Moreover, make sure you proof-read all the reviews before submitting. Your reviews should be based on your personal experience with the application and point to point. Currently, there are job vacancies for application tester in Sri Lanka, where testers can easily find various ads related to it.

Working and Management of AppCoiner:

To understand the working of AppCoiner, you will have to follow four steps, which would help you learn about the details of the app and how to start working through it. Especially for the Sri Lankan people who are in search of online jobs must understand the working and sign-up to get the jobs. You will be indulged in various online application testing and review writing jobs.

#1 Joining/Signing Up with Appcoiner Website

In the first step, you will have to sign-up by filling up the required details. Once the sign-up process is successfully completed, you will be given the login ids and credentials which could be used in working and submitting work. While moving ahead, you will have to make the payment of $27 which would be used in getting access to the database, website hosting, maintenance fees, and salary moderations.

#2 Select Any App To Review

The Appcoiner has a large database of innumerable application developed by various developers in Android and iOS. The most important step is to select the app that is developed by experienced developers as it will have fewer chances of errors and bugs. Once you have selected the right application for review, a unique link will be generated which will build a connection with the app (it is basically an affiliate link). The link should be mentioned in the review which would be used when any user purchase the application from the store and you will be paid instantly.

#3 Writing and Submitting The Review

After downloading the application, you first need to test it properly and then write a brief review based on your observations and experience. Before you submit the review make sure there are no grammatical mistakes or errors so that it does not get rejected.

#4 Getting The Payment

It needs to be ensured by everyone that you will be paid when any user purchases the application from in-store on the basis of your review. If the user finds your written review up to mark and feels like downloading the app or purchasing it, then the user will be taken to the download or purchase page through the unique link. Once the download is successfully completed, you will automatically be paid the amount along with the commission.

Gaining Commission

Yes, you can earn commission on a regular basis. AppCoiner brings to you an amazing opportunity to earn commission through writing reviews. If the user purchases any application or downloads it on the basis of your reviews, you will instantly get a reasonable amount of commission for the work. This is the beauty of the AppCoiner, you can play different games, keep on testing them all day long and then get a handsome amount for doing it. Moreover, If you are not satisfied with the working and operating you can get back your deposited money back without any further verification.

Making Money From AppCoiner:

Yes, it is a fact that you will not be directly paid for writing the reviews, but they put-in efforts by promoting your reviews on different platforms and make sure that it reaches maximum people within a short period of time. Moreover, you will also get the flexibility to spread and promote your reviews. The technical and support staff of AppCoiner has various resources through which promotion could be done easily.

app coiner sri lanka

The Advantages And Disadvantages of AppCoiner

As a user, we know that the Internet is flooded with numerous web applications and websites on a daily basis. It is not feasible to use each and every website and keep testing for hours and hours to find out the best one. We bring you all the pros and cons of AppCoiner which will help you to take the right decision.

The advantages are:

  • You can easily make money by writing reviews and promoting them to reach the target audience.
  • Its the biggest online platform to find online jobs in Sri Lanka.
  • You can get access to commissions when the user downloads an application from your unique link.
  • You do not need to have any high qualified education. You just need to have a good command on the language – English.
  • Once you write the review, you can automatically get paid when the app is downloaded without any hassle.
  • Anyone and Everyone can make the registration or sign up to join the program.
  • You have a greater chance to earn money every minute, every second.

There is just one disadvantage of AppCoiner and that is the requirement of internet connection as without the connection nothing would be possible.

It is getting quite common these days that people first read the reviews and then once satisfied with the public review then only will make the purchase. This is what AppCoiner brings to you. There are numerous applications available in the AppCoiner’s database which could be downloaded, tested and then a review could be written about the functionality, its features, and application in a real-time scenario. The platform is beneficial to both you as well as the app developer.

AppCoiner is NOT a Scam

You might be reading numerous reviews; some would be in favor of the website whereas others would be claiming it as a scam. You need to make sure that the AppCoiner website is not a scam.ou should go through the complete information and functionality features of the website and then go for the sign-up process. It has a feature of money back guarantee which would be returned to the user if they no longer wish to stay connected with the program. So take the perfect decision and earn easily while sitting in the corner of your home.


With all said and done we bring to you one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn money through simple ways. It is a safest, secure and reliable website to find online jobs vacancies in Sri Lanka. You can work part-time or full-time depending on the nature of your job and get paid as well as a commission for the work. The website does not need any high qualified people. It is open for everyone and anyone in Sri Lanka to register and apply for the online job. But due to heavy workload, the technical team of AppCoiner has announced that they would be restricting the numbers of reviewers. So hurry before the membership closes down!

app coiner sri lanka

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