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How to Restore Your New or Used Car after Floods in Sri Lanka?

How to Restore Your New or Used Car after Floods in Sri Lanka?

In some areas in Sri Lanka, many people can’t avoid the impacts of the natural disasters. Car owners are afraid of the dreaded floods that can make their car broken.

If you happen to experience the floods or want to handle this when it happens to your car, you can consider out tips about car restoration in Sri Lanka. So, let’s take a look at what you could do after knowing that the floods compromise your car.

Don’t start it, yet

Many people neglect the terrible signs after flooding. They want to bring their car home quickly. If you experience the recent flood, do not start your car yet. Do a proper inspection in advance to make sure that the parts are not compromised. If you are not sure, hire the mechanics to inspect and fix the problems on site.

Air sieve should be the first to check. When it is soaked in the water, this can be the dreadful case for your car. But by having the mechanics who accompany you, you can rest assured that everything can be taken care of.

The insurance claim

Your next move is to contact your insurer. Chances are you will be able to get the assessment days after the disaster. It relates to our first tip. Make sure you don’t start your car yet. Many insurance companies can avoid the expense of coverage if notice that you start the car.

Clearly, your car shows the flood damage signs. So the most appropriate way is to claim it as soon as possible. The insurance policies may be different from one provider to another. Clarify the insurance coverage before deciding on your vehicle.

The inspection

You or someone who knows automotive can check the fuel filter, brakes, coolant, transmission, and other parts. Inspecting all the elements of the car is essential. To restore vehicle after floods, electrical components are also the crucial aspects of investigating. Check the brake lights, headlights, AC, radio and other electric stuff. Check if they need to be replaced or repaired.

The floods can also affect the car tires and wheels. Make sure to check them if the surges damage them. Also, make sure if the tire has a sound pressure or not.

The treatments

It is the wise idea to drain the oils and replace them with the new ones before starting your engine.

You will want to clean both exterior and interior. But the first thing you need to do is cleaning the inside of the vehicle. Seats and upholstery are the first to remove. Clean and dry them. You might need to do this many times until they are ready to use.

Remove sensitive components and dry them before operating them. Chances are your car might be decreasing in performance. Well, it is sensible because the floods have compromised some parts of your vehicle. After the insurance covers your loss, you can start planning on your car tuned up. You will want to recover its performance.

How to find a place and materials for car restoration in Sri Lanka ?

You can find about car restoration places and materials from free classified advertising websites in sri lanka as well as from your car mechanic. Also you can ask from your best friends too as they may know reliable persons to do it.

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