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CCTV camera systems, suppliers and prices in Sri Lanka

Latest CCTV camera systems, packages, suppliers, installations, repair services and prices in Sri Lanka. Also about Ip cameras, wireless, wifi CCTV cameras and DVR system prices in Sri Lanka.

Latest CCTV Camera classified ads in Sri Lanka

What are the types of CCTV Cameras?

Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet cameras are a common type of cameras in Sri Lanka. They have a rectangle box-like shape and can cover a longer distance. Also, some bullet cameras are waterproof, support night vision and include wifi facility. Most commonly used outdoors but you can use it within a building as well.

Dome CCTV Cameras

Dome Camera can cover a broader angle due to that ‘dome shape’.
Makes it one of the best for indoor security and surveillance. You can use it at your home, office or hotel.

Day/Night CCTV Cameras

They can record videos irrespective of the lighting conditions in the environment—so perfect choice for any premise to have quality videos at any time of the day.

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras

Infrared or Night Vision CCTV Cameras works in complete dark or pitch black environment or with massive natural obstructions like dust, smoke or fog. These cameras are more costly than day-night cameras as it uses Infrared to function.

C-Mount CCTV Cameras

Looks more like a bullet camera but comes with detachable lenses. So you can adjust the lense accordingly.

Network/IP ( Internet) CCTV Cameras

You can view the videos using the internet facility and easier to use than analogue cameras. Easier to install as coaxial cables and a computer station is not necessary.

Wireless CCTV Cameras

Cameras without wires. Easier to install and videos transfer using wifi technology in most cameras. Camera cost is higher compared to analogue bullet cameras, but you will save money when it comes to wiring—ideal for getting a tidy look for your house or office. Also more secure as intruders are not able to block your video transmission by cutting CCTV wires etc..

High-Definition HD CCTV Cameras

These cameras give high definition videos starting from 720p up to 4k. Generally, these are expensive compared to primary bullet cameras.

cctv camera for sale and prices in sri lanka

What are the brands of CCTV Cameras in Sri Lanka?

Hikvision, Dahua, Pioneer Secu, TVT, Avtech, GV Tec, Honeywell, L-Visions, CP Plus, QTech, Panasonic, Signamax, T-Link, Vivotek, Sony and LG. are some brands of CCTV cameras in Sri Lanka. Also, you may come across various brands from time to time.

What is the best and most popular CCTV camera brand in Sri Lanka?

Hikvision cameras are the most famous CCTV brand in Sri Lanka. Pioneer Secu, Hikvision, Dahua, TVT, Panasonic and Avtech CCTV cameras are some of the best brands available in Sri Lanka.

Hikvision and Dahua cctv security camera price in Sri Lanka

Hikvision or Dahua 4 channel 2MP CCTV security cameras with DVR price in Sri Lanka

The price will start from Rs 40,000 onwards, and cost will vary based on the length of cables and type of cameras(including feature like 2mp or not,720p or 1080p etc..).

hikvision camera in sri lanka
hikvision cctv cameras in sri lanka
dahua cctv cameras in sri lanka
tvt cctv cameras in sri lanka
Pioneer sec cctv cameras in sri lanka
Avtech cctv cameras in sri lanka
Panasonic cctv cameras in sri lanka

Hikvision or Dahua 8 channel 2MP CCTV security cameras package with DVR price in Sri Lanka

Cost starts from Rs 80,000 onwards and just like the four-channel system above; the final figure depends on cables and chosen type of cameras.

Hikvision or Dahua 16 channel 2MP DVR price in Sri Lanka

16CH 2MP DVR camera system will cost about Rs 100,000 ~ 120,000 while 16CH 5MP will cost around Rs 230,000 ~ 270,000.

Other brands

TVT cctv camera price in Sri Lanka

4Channel TVT CCTV camera will cost around Rs 35,000.

What about 2 channel CCTV security cameras with DVR price in Sri Lanka?

It will cost slightly less than a four-channel DVR, but it is better to go for four instead of 2.

Which is the best CCTV camera shop or company in Sri Lanka?

Any shop is OK as long as they provide reliable CCTV security systems solutions with reasonable international warranty period and after-sales support. You can find CCTV shops, freelancers and companies in Sri Lanka using our website as well.

Wireless CCTV camera price in Sri Lanka

Some DAHUA 2MP wireless cameras cost about Rs8500 ~9500. So basically wireless cameras are a few thousand rupees higher than a regular wired camera in Sri Lanka.

Hikvision 2mp camera price in Sri Lanka

Generally, Hikvision 2mp camera prices start from Rs2,000 ~ 3500 ( without installation fee. CCTV installation also start around that rate per camera )

WIFI Ip CCTV camera price in Sri Lanka

You can buy a mini wifi IP camera for about Rs 4,000 ~ 6000—ideal for indoor usage for better security.

CCTV camera installation cost in Sri Lanka

The cost will start from Rs2000 ~ 3000 onwards per camera. Generally, the cost factor depends on the location and floor of the building as well. More complex the environment, the higher the cost.

CCTV DVR price in Sri Lanka

4 Channel CCTV DVR will cost about Rs 3000 ~ 8000.
8 Channel CCTV DVR will cost about Rs 6000 ~ 15000.
( Price will vary based on the brand, country of origin and warranty period)

CCTV power supply price in Sri Lanka

12V 3A will cost about Rs 400 ~ 700. CCTV Camera 12V 10AMP Power Supply will cost about Rs 700 ~ 1000. 12V 30AMP will cost about Rs 1300 ~ 1500.

Dummy or fake CCTV camera Sri Lanka

You can use a dummy or fake cameras to scare any thief. Generally, it will cost around Rs 2000 ~ 4000.

Where can I buy CCTV Security cameras system in Sri Lanka?

You can buy CCTV camera systems in Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala, Jaffna, Kalutara or any major city in Sri Lanka. You can order CCTV from free advertising websites in sri lanka and get it via courier company.