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LED Light Repair Technician COURSE

Price : ₨3,500.00
Date : April 10, 2023
Location : borella supermarket

LED Light Repair Technician COURSE

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LED බල්බ නිෂ්පාදනය

This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of a “LED Light Repair Technician”, in the “Electronics”

රැකියාවක නිරතවන ගමන්ම හෝ නිවසේ සිටම මසකට 100000 වැඩි ආදායමක් උපයා ගන්න

Key Learning Outcomes

• To know & identify the circuit components.

• Understanding the electrical properties of different components.

 • Calculation of resistance by identifying the color code.

 • Understand the functionality of coil.

• Winding of coil. • Biasing of transistor.

 • Current amplification circuit.

• Designing of filter.

 • Types of LED

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