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Best Online Spoken English Courses Fro Adults

Price : ₨3,000.00
Date : September 13, 2021
Location : Colombo

Doyou feel embarrassed, nervous, or shy when you try to speak in English?


Learnhow to express your feelings in proper English by method of storytelling.


NuwanDe Alwis (of Online English Sri Lanka by Nuwan De Alwis) has been helpingpeople through his Online Spoken English Courses in Sri Lanka since the year 2008.


Studentscan follow this course individually via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.


Webring you state-of-the-art spoken English courses and personal development classes,helping you speak English fluently and confidently.

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OnlineEnglish Trainer Nuwan De Alwis is not a school English teacher; neither does heconduct online English classes for school students or school leavers.


As Nuwan De Alwis explains: I would like to take you way back into my life to tell you a little about how I started online English classes inSri Lanka, how I became an online English trainer, and also of the history ofonline English classes in Sri Lanka.


Initially, I was not an English trainer; I had a different profession,but, spoken English was a part of my job. I studied at Richmond College, Gallesince the first grade but during my school years, I did not show much interestin studying the English Language.


But later on in life, since I had to use English in myday-to-day work and studies, I researched why most educated people cannot speakEnglish well. Hence, I understood that the fault lies in the local educationsystem; the teaching methods of school English teachers, the school syllabi andthe government issued textbooks.


After that I examined the practical usage of all aspects ofEnglish grammar and sentence patterns and how they should be used in ourday-to-day practical conversations as well as the way in which we shouldrespond in a conversation.


In this manner, I was able to use practical English in my ownstyle. After that I taught my friends English using my own methods. Even thoughI did this solely over the phone, in just a few days I saw a big difference intheir spoken English. Subsequently, I realized that I have a skill to teachEnglish without even having to be there with my students in person.


Then I started teaching English over the phone to people who arein Sri Lanka itself. After few months I switched my platform to Skype. This iswhen I became a professional online English trainer.


In 2008, I started over-the-phone classes for adults. After thatmy teaching platform developed to Skype audio and with the technological development,it progressed to video calls and I was able to use and display my physicalwhiteboard when teaching my students. Now I conduct live video classes viaSkype, WhatsApp and Zoom.


NuwanDe Alwis who is an online English trainer in Sri Lanka, conducts online classesfor adults who want to improve their spoken English skills in their day-to-dayoffice, business and social lives.

Mostof our students are executives and higher executives who work in private andgovernment sectors in Sri Lanka and abroad.

OnlineEnglish Sri Lanka by Nuwan De Alwis does not follow any old books ortraditional methods to make you a great English speaker. Instead, methods ofstorytelling are used to teach students how to express their feelings usingproper English.

Throughthis method, not only you do learn, but you also practice having a verbalconversation by being able to converse with your trainer. The most importantpart of this is that your online English trainer Nuwan De Alwis will be able toshow you your mistakes whilst you are making conversation with him. And whenyou get stuck mid conversation, he teaches you how to overcome that and keepyour conversation flowing continuously during meetings, presentations,interpersonal conversations or any other discussion.


Mosttraditional English teaching classes in Sri Lanka teach students to directly translateSinhala sentences into English. This is alright when it comes to regulartranslations, but people who follow this method will be helpless when they arein a real verbal English conversation. That is why most people can’t speak inEnglish even after following such classes or courses.

Tolearn the English language, you are not required to use your mother tongue. Ifyou learn English in English itself, you will have your own speaking style andit will help you to express your feelings in English.


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1. සැමවිටම විකුණන පුද්ගලයා මුහුණට-මුහුණ හමුවී ගනුදෙනුව කරන්න.
2. ඔබ නොදන්නා පාර්ශව සමග දුරකථන වෝලට් හරහා ( ඊසි කෑශ් / එම් කෑශ් ) වගේම අන්තරජාල ගිණුම් හරහා ( වෙස්ටර්න් යුනියන් / මනිග්‍රෑම් ) ගනුදෙනුවලදී සැලකිලිමත් වන්න.
3. හිතාගත නොහැකි අඩු මිල සදහන් භාණ්ඩ සහ සේවා ගැන සැලකිලිමත් වන්න. බොහෝ විට වංචා සහගත දැන්වීම් විය හැක.
4. සැම විටම භාණ්ඩ සහ මුදල් හුවමාරුව එකම වෙලාවක සිදු කරන්න.
5. නොදන්නා පාර්ශව වෙත ඔබගේ පුද්ගලික තොරතුරු ලබානොදෙන්න.
6. නොදන්නා පාර්ශව වෙත ඔබගේ බැංකු ගිණුම් තොරතුරු ලබානොදෙන්න.

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