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A Women’s Guide to Shoes – Types of ladies Footwear that you must know

The charisma of an outfit can be proliferated or broken dwindled depending on the footwear a woman wears. Shoes play a significant role in how an entire outfit is eventually professed. They can make you comfortable, they can give you an elegant look, and they can boost your confidence – footwear are worth your investment because unlike clothes their size will not change. You can cherish your first buy and flaunt the latest ones; they are yours till you choose to discard them. Do you know how many different types of shoes for women are available? We will tell you the names of some footwear, so you know what you are wearing.


These shoes have the highest heels, and you can choose to wear stilettoes that are up to 8 inches. Stilettoes have long, thin and tapered heels that can instantly add charm to your outfit. They look best when worn with formal dresses and short evening date or party dresses. They can be elegant and flirty depending on the outfit you wear.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels have a short and thin heel which is usually about 1.5 inches. They look chic when worn with formals. They were introduced in the 1950’s and were meant for teenagers who were learning to wear heels before they could actually begin wearing higher heeled footwear.


Footwear that has higher or thicker sole at the back compared to the front are known as wedges. The thick sole also serves as a heel. An Italian, Salvatore Ferragamo invented the wedge shoe. It was invented as a necessity, but today it is counted amongst fashionable pieces of footwear.

Gladiator Sandals/Boots

The fierce Roman gladiators wore sandals that came with a thin and flat yet strong sole that had long chords attached to it so they could be twined up to the calves to hold the sandal in place. Women today wear them as fashion footwear. They look best when worn with Bohemian style dresses and denim shorts with a bell or flared tops.

Sling Back Heels

A strap with or without a buckle illustrates this pair of shoes. They can be either high or kitten heeled.


Although pumps were worn even in the 1600’s it was redesigned in a much glamorous way by Roger Vivier in 1954. Ever since this pair of shoes has been in and out of fashion, but they are definitely quite popular today amongst the women. They are also known as court shoes. Pumps have a low cut front and don’t have any straps. They look good when worn with a pair of tights or a shirt dress or short skirt. These look good with all types of informal attire.


This is a dress shoe normally a pump or bootie that comes with an opening in the toes. They were quite popular in the 1940’s but vanished after a couple of decades. But this classy design is a possession of almost every fashion conscious woman today.

Spool Heels

Footwear having this heel resemble a spool of spinning machine used in the olden days. The design of this heel originated in Europe and slowly made it across the globe.

Mary Jane Shoes

When cute little Mary Jane from Buster comics appeared in 1902 little girlies went crazy for this pair of shoes. A single buttoned strap across the top foot is what stands out in these shoes. The style is much like the typical black shoes for girls that they usually wear to school as a part of their uniform.


These pair of shoes are typical formals for women. However, different shoe designers have added their own touch to it, and as a result, they have changed to be worn as casual shoes too.


This footwear is also addressed as slip-on. They don’t have laces and depending on the material it is made of it can be worn both for casual and formal occasions.


Boots cover the entire foot and then depending on its length it can be as short as ankle-length or go up to the thighs. These boots for women can be flat or high heeled. They are perfect for winters and even come with fur or fleece lining inside to protect the feet. However, boots can be worn in any season and depending on the type or its design it can be worn formally and casually.

Cuban Heels

Footwear that has Cuban heels are straight from the front and have a tapered back. They were first worn by the Beatles in the 1960’s and have since been in use. Cuban heels look similar to those present in cowboy boots.

Cone Heels

Such footwear has heels that resemble that of a cone – the heels are broad on top and significantly narrowed at the bottom. They look perfect with short dresses.

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Clogs /Mules

These are shoes that come without a back and are characterized by platform soles or very low heels. They come in various fabrics, and some of them have decorative on them too for a fancy look. These are comfortable and famous brands like Dansko and Clarks keep evolving their design to give them different styles.


These shoes are characterized by a strap around the ankle. You can find ankle-strap shoes in different sizes of heels and flats. Sometimes the ankle straps have embellishments and bows to give it a prettier look.


Espadrilles are pretty canvas shoes that have a fiber plated sole. They are mostly flat shoes but at times they come in heels too. They are very comfortable to wear and look beautiful when worn in the summers. The canvas part of the shoe come in different colours both solids and prints.

Chunky Heels

Footwear with chunky heels have thick stacked heels and offer more surface to the person wearing it. Those who are not quite comfortable in stilettoes usually pick chunky heels. This footwear gives a retro look and can be worn with jeans, dresses, and skirts.

French Heels

Another common name for this type of footwear is Louis heel which has been given after the French King – King Louis XIV. The front portion of the heel is curved inwardly. The heel does look a bit like the spool heel, but the look of the footwear is completely different. You will also hear people referring to such footwear as Pompadour heels.

Platform Footwear

Platform heeled shoes have a thick sole that gives an illusion of a high heel. They are very comfortable to walk around. Although the heels of this type of footwear are usually kept about 1 inch, there are some pairs that may have heels as high as 4 inches.

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Sandals are open footwear that hold your toes together with a piece of fabric and also have a strap with a buckle that can be fastened around the ankle according to the comfort of the wearer. Sandals are manufactured in both heels and flat soles. They look good with almost all types of outfits.

Ballet Shoes

These are also referred to as ballerina flats. Ballet shoes have been inspired by the shoes worn by the ballerina dancers. Originally they are very light, but these days their demand has made this footwear quite popular. You will find these pair of shoes available in almost all stores and they come in satin, soft leather, canvas, etc. Even their soles are quite flexible.


These shoes have heels that are thinner than those of the stilettoes. They look gorgeous when worn with formal clothing. It is a must-have in a woman’s shoe collection.

Spanish Heels

When the Spanish made these heels in the 1920’s, they used wood and covered it with leather or other fabric. These should not be confused with the Cuban heels because Spanish heels although a bit broad are lesser broader than Cuban heels and higher than them too.

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Sneakers are footwear that has rubber soles. They don’t make a noise and are super comfortable to wear. These casual shoes have become very popular among college-going students. At times sneakers are also referred to as kicks. Sneakers are actually meant to be worn while participating in sports or performing physical exercises.

Corset Heels

Such footwear has tie-up laces that can be tied where it ends. They look like a corset which gives its name. They look beautiful when they are thigh high. However, there are lengths that are just above the ankles.

These are the different types of shoes for women that are found in the international market these days ( You may not find all these types of shoes in Sri Lanka considering the shortage of dollars and high prices as a result but give it a try !). Fashion for footwear bounces back and forth, and styles and designs are always in and out. The ones that have been listed in this small guide are all worn by women with their attire. Now that you know their names you can go hunting for shoes to get your choicest pairs.

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