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ඉඩම්, නිවාස සහ වාහන දැන්වීම් වලට කියාපු තැන !


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Best way to sell or buy online – Free classified ads !

We all know that the best way to sell products and services is by using the internet and searching for specialized websites.

Internet marketing is an effective method for reaching new communities and costumes and building loyalty. Even if you’re planning to sell old stuff from your house, the internet can help you to do it faster.

You may be wondering: will I ever be able to do it? How can I do that? The answer is simple: by using free classified ads.

Many of them are free and fast, you don’t need to be an internet genius to place your product and start selling. Some sites will require detailed information about your product (so the buyer can make right and conscious decisions).

But even if you’re trying to sell old stuff from your house or brand-new merchandise bought from wholesalers, you need to take this action with a certain professionalism.

In this opportunity, we’re going to talk about the advantages and profits that can bring to you. You’re going to find out how you can produce more money by dedicating a few minutes of your time per day and without even leaving your house (if you don’t want to).

About free classified ads in Sri Lanka

If you don’t have any experiences with ads or online product selling, it’s normal to ask yourself if this is a rentable business for you or if the time you invest learning how to post an ad will be worth it.

First of all, it’s vital you know that you can use ads for selling something of yours (that you no longer use) without the goal of making a business from it.

If you’ve got things in your house that you don’t want anymore you can sell it on the internet (but you’ll need to mention that the item is not new, always). And the best way to do it is by classified ads.

This is a method that’s becoming more and more popular in Sri Lanka and the world.

Another choice you’ve got is: making money from it. You can resell products using free classified ads, from the comfort of your house. Tempting, right?

Believe it or not, this way of making money is becoming really popular and it really works. Hundreds of people are taking this action as a full-time job and it gives them good profits. offers you a very easy-to-use online platform that allows you to sell whatever item you’d like at the price you want. It’s up to the customers to say if it’s affordable or not. This website is becoming an excellent bridge between buyers and sellers.

The best part is: both parts win.

In Sri Lanka, many online sellers are being witnessed of their own success: their sales are growing and reaping profits thanks to free classified ads and services. At the same time, buyers/customers can see benefits: they can find great deals and sales online. Even if you’re a teacher, a student, a housewife, entrepreneur, among others, you will the benefits of Weladama within minutes.

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A market you can easily access

The best thing about free classified ads is that you can access easily to this market.

You can sell or buy the items or properties you like without intermediaries. And many sites, like, are free to use, the only requirement is signing up (entering your email and verifying your account).

This is a very lucrative, cost-effective, easiest and far-reaching method to show your products or services. Let’s talk about some cases (we’re sure you can relate with at least one):

If you’re the owner of a property (house, department or any other related) you can sell it on the internet without going through companies that will take high commissions from you. You can just post a free classified ad in, include all the details (the more specific, the better), upload the photos and add the price you think it’s fair.

The same situation happens with vehicles. Sometimes, selling a car without the help of others and without classified ads can be tough and the wait can get long and exhaustive. Using gives you the opportunity to show your vehicle to the world, in this case, the people in Sri Lanka that are trying to buy a car. They can see the photos, create their own impressions and calculate if they can afford it or not.

And without contact you yet! That part comes after they are sure they want your product.

Weladama is the easiest platform and method to let your old stuff go. Besides, you’re not actually paying for advertising, which means that your cost is zero and your benefits are huge.

The same thing happens with new products you’re trying to resell. Free classified ads allow you to make money without much effort.

What niches could be great for selling in Smartphones and accessories. Yes, in the 21st century we all need to be connected to the world and smartphones are becoming necessary to stay in touch with other people.

Believe us: there’s always great money opportunities within the technology market.

And guess what, not many people are selling technology in Weladama, so why don’t you start and take over the niche? You just upload the info, the photos, the price and done! Weladama does the rest for you.

Let’s talk about advertising

The great thing about free classified ads is that it basically includes free advertising in Sri Lanka. You don’t need to pay expensive campaigns to get customers, views or reviews.

If you’re smart and use the right keywords (so people who use the searcher can find your item) advertising is automatic and free.

What does this even mean?

It means that since you can post ads for free and you don’t pay for publicity, your costs are extremely low, and your profits will only grow over time.

Questions you might have now…

We know this is a lot of information to take in only five minutes, that’s why we’re going to summarize it all in some frequent questions that you might be asking yourself right now.

Can I post ads without registration ?

Depends on the website. In this case, if you’re using, you can’t because the site asks you to register before posting your free classified ad.

Luckily, this is a very fast process: it will take you 2-3 minutes to join, and once you’re a member of Weladama, tons of customers will be able to see your products or services.

Important fact: once you publish your ad, Weladama takes within 1 to 72 hours to process it, just to verify it, to make sure it’s legit and according to the site catalog. This is a measure to prevent consumers from scams or higher priced products and to verify that the seller can deliver the product.

How can I post ads in ?

After you register and verify your account, posting ads it’s a very easy process.

Click the button “post ad” and start adding the information of your item/product/service. Now, since the information is the most important part of the ad, we’re going to give you some advice:

First, be specific. Write a paragraph of 100 words describing your product: what it is, color, model, size, weight, if it’s new or used, and any other detail. If your item description is too long, customers won’t read it all.

Second, don’t lie. This might seem silly to you but believe this: reputation in websites is very important, especially if you want to keep selling products or services. Some people tend to exaggerate when writing an item description and, if the costumers buy it and find out they paid for something that’s not real, you can get bad reviews.

And what will happen if you get a bad reputation online? Your sells are going to reduce.

Third, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is true, especially for selling products. Even if you have the perfect description for your product, when the picture isn’t good enough, buyers will think your item has no quality at all. Remember that they’re comparing your product with other ones online, so yours need to look as professional as possible.

You can navigate in and see the pictures other people use for their items.

Fourth and last, don’t get crazy with your price. We know you want to see profits really soon, but if your item is too expensive, not many people will click on your ad. If you sell too low, you might not earn much money.

So, we suggest you check similar products on or any other classified ad website and try to sell your item at the same price so you can compete.

Can I post any free classified ad I want ?

Of course, you can. You can sell properties, vehicles, computers, smartphones, accessories, bikes, and anything else you want to. The sky is the limit, Weladama isn’t. The process is completely free.

The website also divides the ads into categories, so it’s important that you select the right category so costumers can find you easily.

Can I start a business with ?

Yes, you can and it’s as easy as we explained before. Since you’re not paying for anything and you can post many free classified ads, you can increase your profits with the minimum effort and without leaving your house.

Just post the items you want to sell (remember all the advice we previously gave you) and wait for the customers to contact you and buy.

What if I just want to buy and not sell anything? What do I do?

This is a much simpler process. Many free classified ads sites will ask you to register in their database, verify your email and check your phone number (for more transparent transactions and to avoid fraud and scams).

At least assures honest transactions that way, and we highly recommend you websites with this kind of procedures.

Once you’re a member of the website, you can start navigating in the category section and clicking the items you’re interested in. Then buy the products or services you want and contact the seller, so they can send you your new acquisition.

Popular Categories that you can try are Land for sale in Sri Lanka , House for sale in Sri Lanka and Car sale in Sri Lanka

It’s really easy and you don’t even need to get out of your house to buy stuff you like.

Are there other sites for free classified ads ?

Yes, there are few more popular sites too. These sites are good too. Even though small sellers can post ads, they’ll compete with bigger brands and wholesalers that have more reviews, making their growing process slower.

So, if you’re just starting in the business, we highly recommend you to try as well, because it’s a smaller site with least competition and since it’s still growing, more buyers and sellers will join within time.

In conclusion…

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter what your job is. You can buy and sell product and services from the commodity of your home, you can start a business from it, and more important: you can earn money without spending any.

Sri Lanka is adapting to the new ways of commerce, and free classified ads are the perfect solution and an extra income for many people. Also, it’s a great option for buying stuff you need without taking hours in stores.

Although there are big websites leading this kind of commerce and is smaller right now, we recommend you to give it an opportunity. We’re confident that this website will keep growing and will increase the number of daily consumers.

Be a part of this community and change your life forever.